photography by Mirifoto

Deb Collins

Thanks to Deb, playing fiddle has become our primary hobby and has led to endless joy playing music with friends, playing for dances, and appreciative audiences at street fairs, farmers markets and retirement homes.

Ken and Martha Neville

Deb Collins is a Pacific Northwestern native with an infectious passion for bowed stringed instruments that began at a very young age and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Her musical family background runs through her veins. While growing up, she witnessed many jam sessions and performances in her home via her father, a professional musician, teacher, and Luthier. Musicians would come and go, leaving behind their legacies that encouraged her to pursue her current music industry career.

She has been teaching and performing for many years. No matter the age or ability level, she has a keen sense of knowing how to help students find their way to enjoy musical experiences. She has also danced in professional folk and cultural dance ensembles.

Many may not know that Deb is also an English teacher and has a passion for helping refugees, asylees, and immigrants find successful pathways toward self-advocacy. She loves to help people bring joy into their lives; she’s always smiling and encouraging folks to be their ‘best selves’ and engage fully in life no matter what the obstacles.

She has played many music styles throughout her career and has an impressive number of regional fiddle tunes under her fingers. Her connections in her vast network of mentors and colleagues have helped her gain the immense knowledge she has regarding the cultural backgrounds and history of her explored genres. Here is a small repertoire sample: