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Well, it all boils down to the 'style' of music played on the 'same' instrument!

Deb Collins is a Pacific Northwestern native with an infectious passion for bowed stringed instruments that began at a very young age and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Her musical family background runs through her veins. While growing up, she was witness to many jam sessions and performances in her home, via her father who is a professional musician. Musicians would come and go, leaving behind their legacies that encouraged her to pursue her current career in the music industry.


She has years of experience teaching Violin, Fiddle, and Hardingfele, to students of all ages and abilities, in styles that come many various musical traditions, from all across the globe, including classical. She has a keen sense of knowing how to approach many different learning styles. She gained some of her understanding of teaching from her experiences while attending the School of Education at Pacific Lutheran University, in Tacoma, Washington. She has experience working with families who choose alternative schooling methods.


Her unique teaching approach and one of a kind instructional methods match the specific learning style and goals of each student, even if they've never played before. She helps students break through barriers and ‘diagnose’ issues that prevent them from moving forward with their experience.

Her network of musicians and friends in the music world is vast, and her involvement in various music-related activities has helped to broaden her experience, thereby enabling her to provide a wealth of useful information to enhance the learning environment.

She can work with students whether they do, or do not, want to read sheet music. She has created a unique Fiddle Tablature system as a resource for those who want to learn tunes by ear. However, she does encourage students to spend quality, mindful practice time with the basics: Ergonomics, Technique, Scales, Etudes, Position Work and Ear Training.


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